7/8" satin ribbon edge
 Size 5mm
 Size Comparison
  3mm gold
     These accents have a flat silver back and a beautiful sparkle!
     Available in 3 sizes (5mm, 4mm, 3mm).  If no special request for size is made, we typically use 4mm.  *It's quite popular to request a mix of 3mm and 4mm*
   We have 3mm topaz (gold) in stock as well - which you must make a special request for if wanted.
 Size Comparison
     These accents are more round shaped with facets on all sides.  These have a clear sparkle and match almost everything!  We also have CrystalAB available at special request (NO additional charge).
     Available in 2 sizes (4mm and 3mm).  If no special request for size is made, we'll use our discretion.  Typically for veils shorter than 42" we'll use 3mm.  On longer veils we'll mix both 3mm and 4mm using using more 4mm towards the bottom of the veil.
 Color Crystals
     These accents are available at special request and there may be an additional charge (if we need to special order in a color).
These are 3mm in size an available in LOTS of different colors.  Shown to the left are just 4 colors - topaz (light gold), light amtheyst, red, black.  We can special order in many colors from light blue to metallic gold and silver.  Also available in the 4mm size.
 Pearls (faux)
     Most everyone is familiar with pearls.  These are round and available in 3 sizes (4mm, 3mm, and 2.5mm).  If no special request for size is made, we'll typically use 3mm.
 small seeds, 10/0
 size 8/0
 Size Comparison
 Size Comparison
Bugle Beads
     These measure approx. 1/4" in length and have a beautiful sparkle!  They look great spaced along the edging of a veil, or mixed with other beads along the bottom edge.  We keep clear, rainbow clear (clear with an AB finish), ice, silver-lined, and gold-lined bugles in stock.  Other colors may be available at special request.

 Size Comparison
 Basic Accents:
Lightly scattered beads throughout the veil.  This is perhaps the most common accent chosen.  In our shopping area, when customizing your veil you'll be able to choose the bead, or mix of beads you'd like scattered on each layer of your veil. 

If you'd like to see examples of other or additional accent designs you'll be able to add to your veil please go to the
Seed Beads
     Also known as rocaille beads these are quite small, match just about everything, and fabulous for mixing with other accents!  They come in a variety of colors.  We keep crystal clear, crystalAB, silver-lined, gold-lined, and pink in stock.  These make a great edging.
  The larger silver lined bead size (8/0) to the left and above is a slightly larger seed bead (about the same size as a 3mm crystal).  Due to the special cut on the inside they have a Wonderful sparkle and make a beautiful edging!  If you like the size of the crystal band edge, but would like a silver sparkle the 8/0 beads are perfect!  These are now available in gold as well. 

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    Below are pictures of several different types of beads available for embellishing a beaded veil. Many times it's hard to picture exactly what is the difference between rhinestones, crystals, and other beads -- so hopefully these pictures and brief descriptions will help! 
All beads are applied to our veils with a durable jewel adhesive unless stated otherwise.

 If you would like to order a sample of beads please do so below.  For $1.00 (no shipping charge) you can select 3 types of beads from the first list. If you'd like more than 3 bead samples, you can add on extras for  .25 each.  These small fees are simply for the time it takes to process the high number of sample requests.
Please select up to 3 types of beads
AB Rhinestone
AB Crystal
Seed bead (please specify color)
Clear Bugle bead
Ice Bugle bead
Silver-lined bugle bead
Gold-lined bugle bead

Additional Bead Samples
Rhinestone - Add $.25
AB Rhinestone - Add $.25
Crystal - Add $.25
AB Crystal - Add $.25
Seed bead (please specify color) - Add $.25
Clear Bugle bead - Add $.25
Ice Bugle bead - Add $.25
Silver-lined bugle bead - Add $.25
Gold-lined bugle bead - Add $.25


 Please select only 3 from this list.  For additional beads, order in the second box for 25 cents each.
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