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 3/8" satin ribbon edge
 7/8" satin ribbon edge
 What is Custom Cut Fullness?
 Custom Cut Fullness simply refers to having the top and the bottom of your wedding veil cut at different widths.  With this option, you can order an Extra Full veil - so it's nice and wide at the bottom, but have the top custom cut to be just as sheer and flat as a Sheer Fullness Veil.  This can be a bit confusing so we've dedicated an entire page on our site to help explain!  If you still have questions after reading through this - please feel free to email us.
  In general, Custom cut fullness only applies to Standard cut veils.   Cascading sides, Center gathered, and Mantilla cuts are all cut in a way that they are naturally more sheer at the comb.  For example, on a standard fullness veil (72" wide), with regular cascading sides only about 40" of material will be gathered into the comb.  However, if you'd like less (for example only 25") you may request that as well.
   Let's say for instance that you had a very wide train on your gown and wanted a long veil that was sheer at the comb, but wide enough at the bottom to cover your train.
An extra full veil is cut from material that is 108" wide. A regular standard cut veil in extra fullness would be 108" wide at the bottom of the veil, and the top would have 108" of material gathered onto a 3" or 4.5" comb. So up at the top of the veil there would be lots of fabric and and folds because there is so much fabric gathered onto a comb. Below is an example of an extra full chapel length veil (notice at the top there is so much fabric gathered onto the comb you can't really see her hair behind the veil):
So in order to have the veil still be extra full at the bottom (108" wide to cover the train), but more sheer at the top - we can custom cut the veil so that it tapers up to perhaps just 54" wide at the top. Then you'd have just 54" of material gathered onto a comb. Since this is half as much material it will be more sheer at the comb, yet still wide and full at the bottom of the veil.
  The absolute smallest we can custom cut the top of a Standard cut veil to is 12".  Because the material needs to gradually taper in - we are unable to do this on bridal veils shorter than 36" (unless it is cascading sides cut, or mantilla).  With standard cut veils, if you request just 12" at the comb in general there will not be enough material to really pull around the shoulders, or go around a full updo.  However, with other cuts - such as a mantilla cut - in sheer fullness we typically only gather about 10" at the comb - and there is plenty of veil to curve around the shoulders because that is the nature of a mantilla cut veil. (Click Here to View Veil Cuts/Styles)

  If you'd like the sheerest look possible with a standard cut veil, but would like enough material so that it will go around a full updo or hang around your shoulders a bit, we recommend a width of aprox 25" at the comb. With any custom cut fullness that is less than 40" at the comb, we strongly recommend a metal comb.  The metal comb simply looks the best and spreads the gathers out better for the sheerest look.
 Closeup of custom cut fullness of 12" at the comb, worn lower on the head over flat hair.  This is on a 4.5" metal comb, which we highly recommend.
If you plan to wear this over a full bun or updo, you we strongly suggest aprox 20-25" at the comb, as 12" may not completely go around the bun/updo.

  Extra Full Cathedral Veil
108" wide at the bottom and top
(Standard Cut)
  Extra Full Cathedral Veil
with Custom Cut fullness:
108" wide at the bottom, 72" wide at the top.
(Standard Cut)
  Standard Fullness Cathedral Veil with Custom Cut fullness:
72" wide at the bottom, 30" wide at the top.
(Standard Cut)
 It is quite common to have a veil custom cut to sheer fullness (54" wide) at the top as well.  This will be just slightly more sheer and flatter than the above 72" wide.  The above are simply examples, we can do any number in between.
  Sheer single layer veil (cut from 54" wide material), standard cut, custom cut fullness of just 12" at the comb.

Notice in the front view, there is not quite enough material to be pulled forward around her shoulders.
Best worn over a flat hair do (flat on top).
  Sheer single layer veil (cut from 54" wide material), standard cut, custom cut fullness of just 25" at the comb.

Notice in the front view there is more material available to pull around the shoulders if wanted.  This would also work well placed above a full updo in the hair.
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