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 Extra Fullness - 3 Tier  Wedding Veil:
Select length of
Layer 1 between 20"- 36"
Layer 2 between 20"- 36"
Layer 3 between 37"- 42"
***Notes on Custom Cut Fullness:  In this category, Standard cut veils can have custom cut fullness anywhere between  70"-100".
                     -Veil will be cut from material that is 108" wide (or less at your request).

Extra Full - 3 Tier - Wedding Veil:  Select length of
Layer 1 between
20" - 36" long
Layer 2 between
20" - 36" long
Layer 3 between
37" - 42" long

Starting at $90.00 with a Cut EdgeAll other edgings will show their additional cost below.  You will be able to customize accents/embellishments for EACH layer of your bridal veil.  For example if you would like Layer 1 to be plain (to use as a blusher veil), but would like to add pearls onto Layer 2 and 3 - you will be able to do so below.  Remember, if you would like accents on ALL tiers of the veil, you must select accents for EACH Layer 1, 2, and Layer 3.

Create your custom bridal veil below:
 *Remember, if you would like accents on ALL layers, you must select accents for EACH Layer 1, 2, and 3.

1. Color

2. Cut/Style

3. Edging on all 3 layers

4. Length of LAYER 1 (TOP layer)

5. Basic Accents on LAYER 1

6.Other/OR Additional Accents on LAYER 1

7. Length of LAYER 2 (MIDDLE layer)

8. Basic Accents on LAYER 2

9.Other/OR Additional Accents on LAYER 2

10. Length of LAYER 3 (BOTTOM layer)

11. Basic Accents on LAYER 3

12.Other/OR Additional Accent on LAYER 3

13. Attachment

14. Velcro?
Yes, I would like velcro on the third layer ONLY so that it can be detachable from the top 2 layers (which will both be sewn to a comb). This is most common if you'd like to remove just the longest layer. - Add $1.00
Yes, I would like velcro on Layer 1 so that it can be detachable from Layer 2 and 3 (which will be sewn to a comb). This is most common for using the top layer as blusher, and then removing it to only wear the longer 2 layers. - Add $1.00

15. Custom Cut Fullness
This veil is cut from 108 inch wide material. If you would like Custom Cut Fullness please describe below. If you are unsure, please read the **Notes below.

16. Other Instructions or Comments

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 STEP THREE:  Customize your bridal veil by selecting the exact length, color, cut/style, accents, and attachment.
 Examples of wedding veils in this category.

The look of your bridal veil will depend on the options you select below.
 The Veil Clip

A must have!  Perfect for clipping onto the comb of your veil.  This allows you to hang the veil to prevent wrinkles before the big day!

 Breathable Storage Bag

Very light weight breathable garment bag prevents material from yellowing.  It's perfect for storing your veil before and after the wedding.  You may even wish to purchase an extra 72" length for your gown!

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