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 7/8" satin ribbon edge
 Rippled Edging: This is a unique edge finish that creates a wave or "ripple" on the edge of a veil.  Thread is bound around a clear line that creates the wave.  Therefore, this edge can be created in any color that a pencil edge can be created in.  (Check our testimonial page to see this veil on an actual bride!)
 "Hi Kathy!
I just wanted to thank you so much for making my wedding day so beautiful with the veils you made for me! I received rave reviews and my sister wants to use my veil for her wedding...when she finds the right guy!
Any way I'm emailing you some of the photos we just received! Please feel free to use the photos on your web site and I'll send a few with the rhinestone veil when I receive them!
As you can see the veil looks amazing and I loved it so much! I wore the rhinestone veil for the wedding and the other one for the first photo day. I'll send some pics later from the wedding!
Take care and thanks so much Kathy!

Ai T."
 1 Tier wedding veil -  86" long, Standard fullness with Custom cut fullness of 72" at the bottom and very sheer 25" at the comb, Standard cut, pencil edging, attached to a 3" clear comb.  To order this wedding veil, start here: http://www.occanseydesigns.com/standard1upto90.html
 "Hi Kathy! I just wanted to thank you for making such a perfect wedding veil! It was just as I had imagined it! Here's a pic from our wedding.

 Thank you!

 1 tier wedding veil, 15" long, Sheer fullness - custom request of 38", Standard cut, pencil edging.  To order this wedding veil, start here: http://www.occanseydesigns.com/sheer1upto24.html
 1 Tier wedding veil, 22" long, Standard fullness with custom cut fullness of  54" at the comb, Standard cut, pencil edging.  To order this veil, start here: http://www.occanseydesigns.com/standard1upto24.html
 "I just wanted to say thank you for providing such a great website for wedding veils. It allowed me to find exactly what I wanted and at an affordable price. Everyone these days seems to be wearing tiaras, but I didn't feel like a "bride" until I put on your veil.

Thank You!

Kelly K."
 2 tier wedding veil -  26"/108", Custom cut fullness of just 25" at the comb on both layers and just 54" wide at the bottom, Standard cut style, cut edging, metal comb. To order this wedding veil, start here: http://www.occanseydesigns.com/sheer2layer.html
 "Hi Kathy,I just wanted to send you some photos of me in my absolutely perfect veil at my October 7th wedding - I loved it so much! It was super sheer, and the details on the back of my gown showed through beautifully.
I appreciate so much your personal help in figuring out what kind of wedding veil to order. Customer service like yours is virtually unheard of, especially in the wedding business. I highly recommend you to brides on The Knot forums whenever anyone asks where to purchase a veil, and I hope that I can send more business your way!
Please feel free to use these photos and my note in any way you'd like on your website, or to show other potential brides. I could not have been any more pleased with my experience with Occansey Designs!
Thank you so much,

Kimberly A."
 "Thank you for creating the perfect wedding veil for me! I really waited until the last minute to decide what I wanted, and you were just such a pleasure to work with. Thank you for everything!

 Specialty Wedding Veil: Single layer veil 29", Silk Organza material, folded satin ribbon edge.  Contact us for a quote.
  1 tier wedding veil 38" long, Sheer fullness (54" wide), Standard cut, pencil edging. To order this wedding veil, start here: http://www.occanseydesigns.com/sheer1upto42.html
 Specialty Wedding Veil:  Four layer Center Gathered Rectangular cut, 42"/46"/60"/66", Beaded ribbon trim across bottom edges, cut edges on sides, standard fullness.
 "Hi Kathy,
I just wanted to write a note to thank you SO MUCH for the beautiful custom wedding veil that you made for my December wedding. It was very warm here that day, so I got to take some outside shots, which really show off the beauty of the veil. It was PERFECT!! It completely made the outfit. I love it. Thank you so much for all the extra time you spent searching for the perfect trim. I really appreciate your hard work, excellent customer service, and help. Everyone at the wedding thought it was so beautiful. I really can't tell you how perfect it was.You did a fantastic job.

Ann W."

 Specialty Wedding Veil: Silver Shimmer material, 1 tier Handkercheif standard cut (3 corners), double row of 1/4" black satin ribbon.  Contact us for quote.
 "Hi Kathy-
Thanks again for all of your help. Feel free to post the pictures on your testimonial page- you can include any of my emails too. You did such a wonderful job on creating a wedding veil that was just perfect for what I was wanting that I would be more than happy to have my photos or words recommend you to any potential future customers!
Thanks again,

 1 Tier wedding veil 52" long, standard fullness, standard cut, rippled edging, supreme appliques with rhinestone accents.  To order this wedding veil with no appliques - start here: http://www.occanseydesigns.com/standard1upto54.html
  To order this bridal veil with the appliques  - please contact us for a quote.
"Hello Kathy!
I'm a new bride who ordered my wedding veil from you...(twice...the first one was stolen)...I am attaching a photo that shows it blowing in the wind...really beautiful. I just loved the veil with my dress, it was absolutelyperfect for me. I do believe it was meant to be that the first was taken because I just loved this one. Thank you for creating a very special piece of the big day.
All The Best,


 1 tier wedding veil,  Cathedral length (108" long),  Mantilla cut with no gathering at the comb, Extra full (108" wide), rippled edging, very light scattered blue seed beads around edging.  To order this wedding veil, start here: http://www.occanseydesigns.com/exfull1upto108.html
"Hi Kathy,
The wedding was fantastic and I wanted to show you pictures of the veil with the dress. Everyone loved it and I've been telling everyone about you in the bride communites I belong to haha. Btw, I was the cathedral bridal veil with the pearls and blue seed beads (rippled edges.) 
I really felt like the veil completed my victorian look. Thanks Again Kathy, you really do do amazing work!
--Love and Light'
Wedding Veil Testimonials

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"Hi there, I received my wedding veil today - it's absolutely PERFECT in every way. Thank you so much for changing the thread color and making it exactly how I wanted - many thanks! I will send you pictures after the big day and leave a testimonial.
Again, thank you - it's exactly how I envisioned my veil to be...


"I LOVED my wedding veil - here are some pics of the big day! Thanks!

PS - my friend Sherri received her veil from you and she loved it - it looked great at her wedding!"

 1 Tier wedding veil, Cathedral length (108" long), Extra full (108" wide), standard cut, plain/ cut edging.  To order this wedding veil, start here: http://www.occanseydesigns.com/exfull1upto108.html
"Dear OccanseyDesigns,

I just wanted to let you know how much I loved my veil on my wedding day. It was so beautiful, and exactly what I wanted. I had looked everywhere for the bridal veil I had envisioned in my mind--and you made it a reality!
Thank you!

Rose R."
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