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Wedding Veil Testimonials

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 Drop Veil:  Total length of 75" - comb attached with 25" in front, 50" in back.  Pencil edging.  To order this veil, start here:
 "Hi Kathy,
I wanted to thank you for helping me find the perfect veil for my dress. When I first emailed you, I knew I wanted a drop veil but I wasn't sure about length, edging etc; You patiently emailed back and forth with me, even looking at a picture of my dress to offer suggestions and help me figure out what I wanted. I decided on the drop veil and absolutely loved it. The sheer material is so transparent; it highlighted the details of my dress and I love the way it looked over my face. I was referred to your site by other brides on a message board, who were beyond satisfied with your work. I am definitely recommending Occansey Designs to any bride looking for a beautiful veil, excellent customer service, fast shipping, and the best prices around.
Thanks again.


Carla L."
 "Hi Kathy,
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Beautiful veil your company created for my wedding!  And for all the time you spent helping me to customize it.  I received many compliments on it, and will definitely recommend you to all of my friends!  I just received my pictures and there are many great shots that show the veil in action!

 A single layer veil 76" long.  Sheer fullness, Standard cut, matching pencil edge, single bead spaced every 1.5" along edging  (alternating Ivory pearls and crystals), attached to a 3.25" metal comb.  To order this veil, start here:
 Drop Veil:  Total length of 45" - comb attached at 22".  Worn above as a 2 layer veil with the layers at 22"/23".  Pencil edging.
To order this veil, start here: http://www.occanseydesigns.com/drop40-55.html
 Drop Veil:  Total length of 63" , pencil edging.  No attachment (used head pins to pin in place).  To order this veil, start here:

I am attaching some photos from my wedding with my 2 veils you provided me with (one I wore for the ceremony and the other for the reception). They were absolutely PERFECT. My cousin has already asked me for where I got them so that she can order something for her own wedding next year!

 Thanks so much!


Atlantic Highlands, NJ"

I received my wedding veils and I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with them. They are exactly what I wanted!!! I am beyond ecstatic to wear them on my wedding day, and the turnaround time on my order was amazing! Thank you so much for all of your help with everything. It helped me to make the perfect decision. Many of my friends are
getting married in the next year or two and I will be sure to suggest you to them. I'll send you pictures after the big day! Thank you so much again for all of your patience with my questions. I'm so happy I chose to order from you.

Thank you!!"
 1 tier wedding veil,  93" long, Standard cut, plain/cut edging, Standard fullness of 72" wide at the bottom and custom cut to 30" at the comb, attached to a 3.25" metal comb.  To order this wedding veil, start here: http://www.occanseydesigns.com/standard1upto108.html
 "Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful veil for my wedding! You made it so easy  to send pictures to you for inspiration even when I put in a last minute urgent veil request. Your customer services was outstanding and your product lived up to all my expectations. I have recommended you to many future brides!
Your veils are gorgeous and so reasonable!

Thanks again!

Colleen S
Chapel length veil (88" long), Standard fullness, Mantilla cut, Michelle's Rose Chantilly lace all the way around, attached to a 3.25" metal comb with no gathering.  To see this veil in our gallery, click here: http://www.occanseydesigns.com/Gallery3/photogalSPL32.html
 Photography by:  Allison Britton of A Britton Photography http://www.abrittonphotography.com
"Hi Kathy -

I promised to send you some pictures of the veil, so here are some of my favorites.

I got so many compliments on how beautiful the veil looked.  Again, I really appreciated how you went out of your way to
adjust the color of the lace so close to my wedding day.  The final product looked wonderful and I can't imagine having found a better veil to go with my dress.

"Thank you so much for creating the perfect mix of old and new for my bridal veil! Our wedding was coincidently scheduled within one month of my parents' 40th wedding anniversary, so I knew I wanted to honor them with "something old" from their wedding. My mom still had her headpiece and veil, but the veil was showing its age and wasn't the style I had hoped for. Kathy at Occansey patiently read my long-winded email about wanting a new veil that could be attached to the old comb, and within hours, I had a detailed description of what Occansey could do for me! Quick turnaround, extremely reasonable prices and friendly service. One of my favorite and easiest wedding vendors, hands down!
Jenny H."
1 tier wedding veil, sheer fullness,  35" long (petite fingertip length), standard cut, plain/cut edging, Single bead spaced every 1.5 inches along edging in a repeating pattern of 2 crystals 1 pearl.  To order this veil - start here:  http://www.occanseydesigns.com/sheer1upto36.html

Attached to headpiece that client mailed in to us (read more below).

Photography by:  Derek Jenkins Photography
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 1 Tier Wedding Veil, Standard fullness (72" wide), 108" long (Cathedral length), Standard cut, plain/cut edging along the sides, lace appliques a2012bw, a2071bw, and a2114bw across the bottom edge (in designed pattern), attached to a 4.5" metal comb.

It's been a few months since my wedding, but I wanted to follow up with a huge thank you!  Thank you sooo very much for such a beautiful veil!  I absolutely loved it and it was exactly what I wanted.  I'm amazed and was so excited that you were able to create it with only description and pictures via e-mail.  My day was wonderful, and I had the perfect veil with the perfect dress!

Angie R."
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My wedding was 6.29.09 in Lake Como Italy. You made my wedding veil and it was perfect! Plus it was a great price. By far the best price I could find, and the quality was amazing. It held up on the trip overseas and in the wind from our wedding day boat and even in the little spot of rain midday. Thought you'd like a pic of the veil in action. :) Feel free to show this pic to other brides. 

Thanks Again,

Julie A.P."
1 tier wedding veil, Extra fullness,  32" long, standard cut, plain/cut edging, attached to a 3.25" metal comb.  To order this wedding veil - start here: http://www.occanseydesigns.com/exfull1upto36.html

Photography by: Five River Studio
2 tier wedding veil, 29"/42" long, Dark Ivory, Standard fullness with special request for top of each tier to be custom cut to 25" to lay flat at the comb, Standard cut, plain/cut edging, attached to a 3.25" metal comb.  To order this wedding veil - start here: http://www.occanseydesigns.com/standard2up36to42.html
"Thank you!  My veil was PERFECT and truly the best price around.  I ordered a custom dark ivory fingertip cut edge veil with elbow blusher with a metal comb :) and I requested it to be flat and it arrived perfect! Exactly what I had envisioned.

Alissa G."
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