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 Fullness:  Refers to the WIDTH of the veil material that the wedding veil is cut from.  Because we custom cut each and every veil you may choose ANY width you'd like. The wider the material, the more folds (fullness) there is.  All of our veils are made from the same material, bridal illlusion.   Bridal illusion is very soft and sheer. (If you'd like to use a different material - silk, organza, chiffon) please contact us.   Below are our labels for fullness:
 Comparisons: Notice the wider the material is, the more folds there are.  The overall look can be vary depending on your hairstyle and how the veil is worn.  Read more below.
The below samples are all Standard cut veils. Other styles/cuts will look differently.  We highly suggest browsing the Veil gallery for how other styles look in each fullness.
 Sheer Fullness - 54" wide.
 Standard Fullness - 72" wide.
 Extra Full - 108" wide.
Sheer fullnessWedding veils that are cut from material that is 54" wide.  Very popular on shorter lengths, or if you'd like a long narrow bridal veil.  If you'd like a long veil that is sheer, but wide at the bottom to cover a wide train- than you'll want to order an Extra Full veil with custom cut fullness at the comb.  Please read more on our page about Custom Cut Fullness.
Standard fullness: Wedding veils that are cut from material that is 72" wide.  Very popular in all lengths and styles.
Extra full: Wedding veils that are cut from material that is 108" wide.  Very popular in all lengths, especially Chapel, Cathedral, and Regal.  If you have a very wide train on your gown and want a long veil you'd definitely want to order an Extra full  bridal veil.  However, if you are concerned about the top being sheer enough - please read more about Custom Cut Fullness.
*In some cuts, such as a mantilla cut veil with little or no gathering, you can actually order an extra full veil that is very, very sheer across the back
  These are the most common veil widths.  However, if you'd like a veil that is in between one of these (for example, 65" wide) then you would order a Standard fullness veil and request in the Comments section that we trim it down to 65" instead of the standard 72".
  The way a veil will actually look when worn has many variables.  Consider how your hair will be styled and where on your head you'll place the veil.

 A single layer extra full veil that is worn on top of the head above a full updo- will actually be quite sheer across the back because the material will spread out over the top of the head and in front of the shoulders. 
However, if the same extra full veil is worn lower on the head and under an updo, it will hang more straight and all behind the shoulders so it will not be as sheer.
 For example, here is a bride wearing an Extra Full Center Gathered veil that is worn high on the head, above a full updo.  A Centergathered cut is more sheer at the comb than a standard cut.  However,  even though this is 2 layers and Extra Full it is quite sheer across the back because of the placement of the veil.  Placing the veil high on the head and above the updo causes it to spread out and fall more towards the front, leaving the back still quite sheer.
Sheer Fullness Cathedral Length
 Standard Fullness Cathedral Length
 Extra Full Cathedral Length

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